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Doll of the Month | Decorus Fine Art Photography

By Our Talented CURATE Intern - Gabriella Engle

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT with Decorus Fine Art Photography

Kristina Adams, owner of Decorus Fine Art, sat down toting in both hands her avocado toast and iced coffee, wearing her Patagonia vest and a sleek pony to finish her look. Her fun presence immediately warmed the cool coffee shop that we sat in as we chatted through the essence and inspiration behind Decorus Fine Art Photography. Interrupting the interview for salt, you could tell she was a no-nonsense gal right away. The owners of Curate Events + Design, Krista and SeaAnna, met Kristina at one of their weddings and quickly became good friends. Curate admires everything about Kristina and is constantly in awe of the work she creates.

From Newborn to New Love | First Comes Baby Then Wedding

Capturing life’s precious moments

Kristina started photography shortly after her first daughter was born. She felt strongly connected to the sacred moments that are shared with a mother and daughter, just as she felt with her own daughter. When I asked her to describe her very first newborn shoot she simply said, “chaotic but magical."The transition from shooting newborns to wedding couples was easy after she found herself enamored with capturing the loving moments with the parents instead of just the baby. She soon realized that although newborn shoots may be her first love, weddings were going to be her soulmate. She started recruiting family, friends, and anyone who would stand in front of her camera.

Being a Part of Decorous

Finding her niche

It all started with a box of photos. Kristina remembers finding a chest in her parents attic filled with photos, memories, and moments that took her back to her childhood. Believe it or not, Kristina is self-taught with the vision of being able to capture these raw moments in real life. She describes Decorus Fine Art as romantic, joyous, and organic. She values each and every single one of her clients, and hopes that all her future clients value quality over quantity. Her hope is that her couples receive their photos and see a beautiful story; which is what she creates EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Going the Distance

The love of the Rockies + destination faves

Everyone loves Colorado, but we couldn’t agree with her more in that Colorado couples are “just different.” She states, “Most Rocky Mountain couples are so full of love, and are so adventurous. It’s hard not to love your clients when they’re stumbling in a canoe.”

Colorado attracts the wanderlust couples, and she finds herself completely wrapped up in telling a love story that is so unique and filled with adventure. While the Rockies are her main love, Kristina’s vision of an ideal wedding destination spot is Charleston, South Carolina. She mentioned that she “could go there every day” if she could. “It’s romantic, joyous, and timeless… it’s everything that Decorous Fine Art is.” But she let Curate in on a little secret… destination weddings are not always as glamorous as they are made out to be. She says that most of the time, it can be long 12-hour work days followed by a late dinner in a single-bed hotel room. Nonetheless, she definitely thinks that some places (like Charleston) are worth the travel.

Let’s Talk About Love

Most important moments + a feeling

Kristina’s eyes lit up when I asked her to describe what shooting a wedding is like. She emphasized to me that she approaches weddings like telling a story rather than a production. She said, “It’s about capturing the very candid moments that are shared in the midst of chaos.”

“I like to think of my brand as a boutique style photography company. I want every person to feel that I am the only person they are working with. I want them to feel pampered and spoiled, while also becoming friends.” This is exactly what couples love about Kristina. She is not only professional or just a face behind the lens, but she will be your new best friend.

You can get in touch with Kristina through her website or via email at

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