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Fun + Unique Wedding Trends We are Obsessing Over

By Our Talented CURATE Intern - Gabriella Engle

Hello, Curate Cuties! We’re back at it again with some grueling research to find you the top trends for the 2018/2019 season. Read on for the latest and greatest in wedding ideas and innovations, and leave your own favorites in the comments!

Food with Soul/Food for Thought |

One of your wedding highlights will be breaking bread with the ones you love most, so why not add some personality to your mealtime experience to make it feel extra special? Using family recipes, creative desserts, DIY food bars, and locally sourced foods are great ways to get your guests to connect with you as a couple.

Out with a Color Palette, In with the Feeling |

Don’t constrict your wedding to a specific palette, instead opt in for “barely there” hues like cream, ivory, beige, and blushes; adding strong accents where you want your guests to second look. Maybe you want your ceremony to be chic and traditional, and your reception to be bright and playful. This trend allows the freedom to change the mood and feel in every stage of your event.

Forgetting the Favor |

A prevalent trend this season is ditching the traditional party favor for each guest. Instead, couples are opting to give their guests more of an “experience” takeaway rather than a gifted one. Think about what key components make you and your partner unique as a couple and try implementing those characteristics throughout the night. It could be something as simple as a unique photo booth backdrop, or after-dinner treats from a food truck you both love! Guests will savor the experience much more than a trinket that might otherwise have ended up in their junk drawer.

Pushing the Envelope |

First impressions matter. Save-the-date and wedding invitations are the first-taste that your guests get of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Create an invitation with personality that matches your relationship! Invitations with watercolor designs, metallic foil stamping, and (our favorite) modern calligraphy, are all touches that will make your invitation memorable and customized.

Personalized Décor/Beautiful Backdrops |

Adding specific touches to an event is what will make your wedding stand out from the rest. Signage and personalized décor like backdrops, neon signs, strung lights, wooden structures, etc. are all pieces trending in the wedding industry, and are a must have in our book! As an added bonus, create something that can be used as decor (and a sweet reminder of your special day) in your shared home! Need help building a statement piece? CURATE to the rescue.


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