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Travel Guide for London Wedding Inspiration

We sat down at the beginning of January with our to-do list for 2019, thinking about what we needed to budget for and how we could best grow as a company. Education is super important to us, and we always try to invest in it in an effective way. Typically, we stay up-to-date on trends and cultivate new ideas for client satisfaction by attending conferences, industry events, collaborations, etc. but this year we decided to take a different approach. Trends can get repetitive within markets like Denver, so we began to explore the idea of soaking up different parts of the world and how other communities plan, design, and execute weddings. The product of this brainstorm? We decided to pack our bags and head to London! Even in the short time we were there, we fell in love with the history and elegance of the city. 'Wow' was jokingly the word of the trip, but truly said by one of us at almost every street we walked down. We saw the most impressive architecture, ate delicious food, and soaked in lush spring colors in every neighborhood. Stepping into St. Paul's Cathedral had our jaws on the floor as we envisioned Prince Charles and Princess Diana standing at the front of the altar saying their vows. Across the Thames, we visited the reception space at Old Royal Naval College (commissioned in 1696) which was build just in front of the iconic Queen's House of Greenwich. We toured The Wedding Gallery and were so impressed with the thoughtfulness that went into each luxurious space. Below is a list of our favorite adventures, restaurants, and sites throughout the city along with a fun highlight video of our trip! xx




  • Light a candle in St Paul’s Cathedral

  • Take a cruise on the River Thames

  • Stroll through Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden

  • Walk around the Houses of Parliament - Big Ben (Was under construction! Boo!) and Westminster Abbey

  • Watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace

  • Walk through The Victoria and Albert Museum + The British Museum

  • Kensington Palace



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