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The Difference Between Venue Coordinator, Wedding Planner, and Wedding Coordinator

There are heaps of terms that our clients start to hear as they begin to plan their weddings, and sometimes the jargon can be overwhelming (to say the least!). Today we're breaking down some key differences between the kinds of planners and coordinators that you might come across in your planning process. Not sure if you need a day-of coordinator or a full-on wedding planner if you already have a venue coordinator? Read on for all the deets.

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Couples who get married at a dedicated event venue often have a hard time differentiating the duties and responsibilities of a venue coordinator versus a specifically-sourced wedding coordinator. We hear a lot of ‘Well, I have a venue coordinator so why would I need to hire a day-of coordinator?’ There is a huge misconception as to what the venue coordinator actually does on the day of your event. You’ll want to read your venue contract very carefully and ask a lot of questions on what is included in their planning services.

We like to explain to our couples that the majority of the time, the venue coordinator is there to manage the venue staff and ensure a successful event for their venue. A wedding coordinator is there to manage you and your people. When you hire a wedding coordinator or a day-of coordinator, they will act as your liaison between vendors, family, bridal party, etc. and make sure everything that you bring in or plan is executed flawlessly on the day of. The venue coordinator will not guarantee that your florist arrives on time or know that your mother wants to make a suprise toast after your first dance.

A wedding planner is typically there during your pre-event planning processes. We like to think that planners are hired to educate and help couples prioritize the details of their wedding celebration. A wedding planner often has a lot of connections in the industry and can help couples save money throughout their planning process. We have an eye for differentiating the details that are important for each client, and work to create a celebration that is unique and unforgettable for you and your families.


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