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5 Ways To Maximize Guest Experience

By: Angelica Lombardi

When it comes to your big day, it should be all about YOU, the couple. An added bonus is being able to say ‘I do,’ in front of your family and friends. Your guests likely traveled from near and far to witness this monumental day - and while yes, the day is about you, creating a stress-free memorable day for your guests is equally as important. If you’re looking for some inspiration or simple, yet intentional ways to maximize guest experience, we have you covered! We promise your guests will surely appreciate the little details, creating a memorable wedding day for everyone.

The Ceremony: Greet Your Guests with the Unexpected

Your ceremony sets the tone for your entire day. Think outside the box when it comes to this portion and greet your guests with the unexpected. It can be as easy as printing a ‘Thank You Letter,’ on the back of your ceremony programs - it’s a simple task that makes the guest feel even more connected and present. If your budget allows, consider renting a champagne cart to greet your guests as they arrive. Nothing says welcome to a wedding more than a little bubbly to get the party started!

Cocktail Hour: Custom Tastings

Forgo the traditional ‘signature cocktail’ that your guests will expect and switch it up! Is there a spirit you and your fiance love or that speaks to your roots or heritage? Consider a custom whiskey station, beer pairing, or whatever your heart desires. Getting married in the winter months? Consider a cozy hot chocolate or cider station. Most beverage companies will work with you to create a custom-tasting and unique experience that your guests will love and surely remember.

Creative Escort Walls/Seating Charts

There’s one piece of wedding signage that your guests are guaranteed to see - a seating chart. If you’re opting for assigned seating, this is one of the easiest ways to add intentional details to make your guests feel connected. Take time to think about places or things that are important to you as a couple that your guests will resonate with. We’re seeing more and more couples using this opportunity to write personal letters to their guests designed into their escort card display. Or think about incorporating something your guests will want to keep and take with them.

Reception: Capture the Nostalgia

If you’re choosing to skip the photo booth, you can still capture the little moments in other ways. Consider putting disposable cameras or polaroids scattered in your reception. This will allow your guests to feel even more included in your day by giving them something hands-on to experience.

Communication is Key

Lastly, making sure your guests are up to speed on every detail is crucial! Having a wedding website will dramatically help with this. Including the smallest details such as if your ceremony is indoors vs outdoors will make all the difference and likely prevent guests from bombarding you with questions before your big day. Just be sure to update it regularly! If you have a hotel block, type up an itinerary including shuttle and ceremony times, etc. Ask your hotel clerk to pass them out to every guest who checks in. You can also include these in welcome bags for your hotel guests.

What special experiences have you enjoyed as a wedding guest? Are you planning a fun guest surprise for your upcoming event? We want to hear all about it! xx

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