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ICYMI: Wedding Trends We Want to See More of in 2023

Written By: Gabriella, Lead Planner

It’s not a surprise that each year, new wedding trends inevitably drown your Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok algorithms, and it can be hard to keep up. I’ve spent a concerning amount of time on ‘Wedding Tok’ and here are some of my absolute favorite trends that I want to see all of your 2023 couples weaving into your wedding design and execution.

Documentary Style Photography

Give me the photographs that look like they were plucked from The NY Times. A casual picture of grandma dancing with the flower girl, or dad catching up with old family friends. I am loving the photographs that are organic and really capture the feel of a wedding day! Add a forced flash and you've really got me.

Mismatched Bridal Party Attire

Bridal party looks are… hard. Every couple and wedding party participant knows the struggle of finding a look that everyone will like and want to wear again. Why not give yourself a break, and let your people choose? Some couples have opted into giving their bridal party a color palette and allowing them to choose an aligned look that they love. Our clients love MuMu Weddings and The Black Tux.

Art-Inspired Invitations and Paper Goods

Think Eloise at The Plaza meets her cool older cousin who knows Adobe Suite and loves watercolors. The hand-written, whimsical vibe - just does something for me. I love the bouncy fonts that give character to something simple like a menu! I can’t wait to see more of it this year.

Unexpected Favors

We’ve recently seen things like matchboxes, antique/custom keychains, and lighters come onto the wedding scene… and we’re obsessed. Something useful, unique, and playful that your guests will love (and actually want to keep)!

Busy Tablescapes

I want to see three different types of glassware, textured linens, funky silverware, wine stains, and hot paper goods. A busy tablescape is a loved table. It feels like your dining room table, and I love that!

Wedding Newspapers

Place it in your welcome bags for guests or use it as a ceremony program! This personalized touch is SO fun. You can add fun things like a crossword puzzle, the story of your love, fun facts about you as a couple, things to do in the area, and so much more!

Tiny/Fun Reception Dresses

UH, do you know what I love? When a bride is bursting with joy, has had some champagne, and slips into her fun little reception dress. They are FEELING themselves! When they go back into the reception and everyone cheers them on? Chef’s kiss, call me obsessed.

What do you want to see more of? What are you excited about for your wedding?

xx Gab



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