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Welcome to Colorado Guest Gifts | What to Include

It’s no surprise that many of the couples we work with are transplants to sunny Colorado, making most of their wedding guests also out-of-state travelers. While you might think of Mexico or Europe as locations for a destination wedding, visiting Colorado is right up there as a fun place to spend some hard-earned vacation time. Because of this, we always encourage our couples to be thoughtful in creating a Rocky Mountain-themed welcome bag or box to greet guests upon arrival! Welcome gifts can be anything from a fun DIY to a beautifully curated collection from a vendor like Bundles Gift Co. It's always a sweet touch to have these gifts waiting for guests in their hotel rooms or even at your rehearsal dinner. Below is a list of items you might want to add to make your guests feel right at home - including some of our favorite locally-made Colorado goodies!

Wedding Weekend Itinerary - Guests love knowing what to expect. Here are few things you might want to add to a custom-made insert:
  • List of main events throughout the weekend

  • Transportation details

  • What to wear + weather forecast

  • A cute map of things to do in the area

  • A quick thank you note, etc.

  • QR code linking to a welcome video from the couple

  • Wedding website link

  • Wedding planner's contact info for last-minute questions

Beverages + Snacks

Infinite Monkey Theorem Peach Bellini Cans

Local Craft Beer Bottles

Hydration + H2O

Simpurity CBD Lip Balm Dram Sparkling Water

Local Coffee Beans or Cold Brew

Sweet Treats

Custom Designed Cookies from Decadent Dough

Justin's Nut Butter Cups

For the Mems

Colorado MapTote Reusable Bag

Custom Scented Candles from The Weathered Wick

Vintage Colorado Postcard

Day-of and After Essentials

Altitude Kit from Bundles Gift Co.

Mini Oxygen Cans

Apothecary Co. Illuminati Brightening Glow Mask

Need more ideas? Have some favorites we missed? We're all ears! xx

Images by Decorus Photography, Hazel and Lace Photography, and Allison Easterling Photography



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