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7 Reasons to ALREADY Have a Wedding Planner

By Our Talented CURATE Intern - Gabriella Engle

Ok dolls, obviously we are biased on this front, BUT it is so important to communicate why a wedding planner can offer so much value. Most couples agree that hiring a planner was the best money they spent on their wedding, but don't realize it until after they are knee-deep in the planning process. Typically, they are even MORE grateful right after they come down from the day-of wedding high (yes, this is a real thing people!). Check out the list below for our top reasons why you might need to hire help!

1. We Turn Your Dreams Into Reality ||

Let’s be real… your Pinterest wedding board is filled with millions of ideas that you know you want for your big day – but where do you even start? Planners are wealthy in knowledge when it comes to turning your vision into reality and the newest trends in the wedding biz. Execution is key, but getting there can be tough. Planners can make sure all of your little ideas come together into one cohesive, functional design.

2. We Know How to Budget ||

Creating a budget for a wedding can be overwhelming and challenging especially when this is most likely your FIRST time planning a large event. While we usually have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating vendor pricing, we also know what to expect when it comes to quality and cost per vendor. Why spend more when your wedding planner knows who to recommend based on your overall budget and priorities? Sitting down with your planner to go over what is most important to you on your wedding day, will allow them to come up with a plan for where you can splurge and where you should cut back.

3. We Know Things You Don’t ||

When it comes to florists, caterers, and other vendors, the list of options can be daunting to couples. Wedding planners are experienced vets in this realm and are able to steer you toward vendors who are reliable and within your budget. Wedding Professionals have learned (often the hard way) whom and what to trust so you don’t have to!

4. You Are Not a Planner ||

While some have the ‘planning + organizing' gene, some brides and grooms just do not! Maybe you don’t even know where to start, so the idea of having someone control the nuts and bolts of your event is comforting. Sometimes you need someone to do the heavy lifting, fretting, and simply take responsibility of both small and big details. We keep our couples on schedule, so they don't miss checking something off of their to-do list.

5. Your Friends + Family Should be Guests ||

Although it can be great to have family members involved in some areas of your wedding, it can also be a huge undertaking for them. Your family should enjoy each moment of your wedding without having to worry about orchestrating a crucial part to your day. Having a planner will ensure that you and all your guests can enjoy each second of your wedding. It is a PARTY, after all!

6. It Can be Stressful ||

Planning a wedding can be compared to having a part-time job. Almost anyone who has planned a wedding will admit it is extremely stressful, and exceptionally time consuming. By having planners who you trust, you are able to actually enjoy your wedding planning experience. You only get to experience planning your dream wedding once, so it should be fun and enjoyable.

7. We Have Your Back ||

Even though it is YOUR day, you are likely getting multiple opinions from both sides of your family (and your friends, and your friends' friends...) telling you what you should and shouldn’t do in your planning process. Pleasing everyone is overwhelming to say the least, so letting your planner do the pleasing is a lifesaver. Your planners will understand your dreams for your day and be advocates for you to keep your wedding vision on track.


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